Hi! I'm Tricia Casper and I have been training dogs since 2006. I offer online dog training, as well as in-home dog training in St. Charles County, St. Louis County, and Warren County, MO.

After our sessions, all clients will receive notes and/or handouts. Online clients also have the option of recorded Zoom sessions.

Online dog training allows for a more natural dog behavior without the impact of a stranger in the home. It allows for shorter and more frequent sessions, and is more convenient for busy pet owners!

About Tricia

My animal career began in 1999 and includes zookeeping, dog daycare, animal safety on film/TV sets, dog walking, pet sitting, shelter work, dog training, dog behavior modification, and dog media. I have been training dogs since 2006 and have had the pleasure of working with many types of dogs and dog breeds.

I enjoy the challenge that comes from working with dogs, especially those that require behavior modification. Thanks to my own leash reactive dog, I developed a training class in 2010 for other "reactive rovers" that has proven to be very popular and necessary. Because of the amount of people and dogs who have been helped through this program, it has become one of my favorites.

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Training Methods

My training methods include positive reinforcement, using whatever motivates your dog, coupled with negative reward markers that let your dog know when he/she has not done the behavior correctly.

Training begins at your home where your dog will benefit the most. Some issues can be resolved in one session, and some may take several meetings over time. Your dog's training program will depend on many factors including your dog's temperament, personality, working drive, the behavioral issues you want to resolve, and what you would like to achieve through training. All of these things will be discussed during our first meeting.


My goal is to teach you why your dog is doing the things he does so that you can better understand and communicate with him, using training to strengthen the relationship between the two of you!

Service Area & Fees

In-home dog training in St. Charles County and St. Louis County, MO. Online dog training via Zoom or FaceTime.​

​Contact me for custom packages.

Payment is collected at time of service. Sessions rescheduled up to 24 hours prior to the appointment will not be charged.

Milage fee may apply.

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Lasting change is achieved through process over time.




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